WISH has been developed to facilitate the service operations of companies with a large and dynamic workforce. This application includes web-based software solutions to manage all aspect of staff employment from recruitment through payroll time sheets. Deployment of a large workforce can be a daunting task – ProtaTECH takes the guesswork out and streamlines the process. However, the software is only as good as the installation and support.

Implementing and installing any software system requires knowledgeable vendor support and proper end user training. ProtaTECH has many years of experience in these areas and has successfully installed various levels of WISH for many different clients. Our implementation methodologies are tried and true and all aspects of the project are developed, tracked, and signed off when completed.

We begin with the information gathering phase. This initial data gathering is done on site and is accomplished with the use of scheduled meetings with various levels of the client’s staff. Our senior consultants meet with all managers and schedulers to clearly understand and document each departments individual scheduling and deployment methodology. We then meet with HR and payroll to further document the entire hiring and employee management functions along with any payroll specific needs. Accounting comes next to understand payroll time sheet coding and reporting levels necessary to provide meaningful data. And finally a closing meeting is done with the project team to discuss any outstanding items.