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Abraham Kumar PhD | President


Abraham has been with ProtaTECH since its U.S. operations began in 2002, and has effectively served the company in high-profile IT ventures, assisting events such as the multiple Rose Bowl, Super Bowl and even the Olympic Games. With previous experience as a Technical Project Manager for the LAPD and a BS in Computer Information Systems, an MS in Information Systems, a Masters in Music and a Master’s in Business Administration, and he has proven extremely influential in the company, Offering new and innovative ideas such as online workforce management software and accredited programs that have been used for clients and events around the world.

Abraham is most known for his unique software architecture skills, extensive knowledge of network security and project delivery which has enabled ProtaTECH to timely deliver and implement many high risk projects. He has been the chief software architect of applications like WISH 1, WISH 2, WISH 3, EventKeyz, ScreenSFX, SORT, TCM and may others.

Abraham has consulted for multiple foreign governments around the world and has traveled extensively to over 50 countries, with more than 20 years of experience in the field of technology and programming he has proven himself a capable leader in helping every client find clean and simple solutions to even the most complex challenges.

Paul Devadoss | VP Engineering and Product Management


Paul joined the ProtaTECH team in 2007, adding more than 15 years of prior experience to the team. With a B.S. in Physics and a Masters in Information Technology and Business Management, Paul has worked as a systems analyst, functional specialist, and consultant with companies such as Frost & Sullivan and Countrywide Home Insurance. With ProtaTECH, Paul has worked with Architecture specialists in development and implementation. He has created Credentialing applications as well as our Workforce Information System Hosted (WISH) system, which works to hire, schedule and deploy massive groups of security staff for events such as the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. Paul works with multiple methods such as Agile and CMM+, and is comfortable with multi-platform environments; he specializes in Microsoft Technologies.

Robert Momjian | Director of Information Technology and Networking

Robert began his work with ProtaTECH and its sister company, Contemporary Services Corporation (CSC), in 2009, and brings over 10 years of experience and expertise into his work. With the belief that IT solutions should be reliable and helpful in a company’s continued growth and development, he creates results that have fostered business productivity and made work easier. He is directly responsible for managing all technology systems in ProtaTECH, from development to maintenance and, finally, administration. He strives to offer the best, most secure solutions that remain within his managed Budget and Technology Plan, and he continues to pursue new technology initiatives, assisting and driving them to success.

Jack Garland | Program Manager


Jake started at ProtaTECH in 2016 as an Application Architect. He has been an experienced I.T. Professional for nearly 20 years, with Professional certifications from MIT, UC Berkeley, Microsoft and Cisco.
As a Program Manager, he oversees multiple projects within our group, devising strategies based on stakeholders requirements. The technical projects comprise employee management, hospitality in the form of multiple hotels, sports complexes, an adventure ranch, restaurants, Online security training, cybersecurity, eCommerce, data warehousing, web, mobile app, and framework development.

Yogesh Kumar | Vice President – Product Development


Yogesh Kumar began his ProtaTECH career in 2006 and has over 12 years of experience in the field of technology and programming and currently holds the position of Vice President –Product Development. He earned his B.TECH in computer science from Maharishi Dayanand University. He is an experienced, hands-on software architect involved in the architecture, design, and implementation of software architectures, service-oriented architectures, and Distributed systems. He has been in the software Industry since 2004 and has significant experience and expertise in application, integration, and enterprise architecture. He primarily develops software in Microsoft technologies but has good experience with Java, android and iOS platforms. He has delivered web solutions and mobile applications for the large events like Rose Bowl games and Sport Accord International Federation meet.

Darryl Burnett | Product Support Manager


Before working with ProtaTECH, Darryl Started workging for a major Corwd Managemnt Company, in 1997. Starting as an Staff member, he earned his degree in Computer Information Systems and became a Manager of Information Systems. In 2004, he brought his knowledge and expertise to ProtaTECH. Darryl has worked directly alongside of ProtaTECH’s President and Chief Operating Officer, Abraham Kumar, and has helped in the development of the company’s scheduling and management software, WISH. He also helped create the program SORT, a training module that aids in Security Officer training. Alongside of aiding in the creation of these programs, he has personally trained multiple clients, locally and nationally, in how to effectively use these programs and excel with them. Most of the courses provided are often voiced by him.

Darryl’s vast knowledge of technology is still often used in the field by Companies in the Venue/Crowd Management industry for major events such as the Super Bowl and Rose Bowl. His performance and skills always surpass expectation and has made him an effective Manager for ProtaTECH’s important programs, such as SORT and TCM, as well as their entire support team.

Desiree De Anda | Product Support Manager


Desiree De Anda began her career with ProtaTECH in 2007 as a Business Training Analyst. During this time, she trained Contemporary Services Corporation’s new employees in WISH, ProtaTECH’s online workforce management system. With a strong focus on working effectively and efficiently, she has been an asset to the team in creating a continuously smoother workflow. Her input and insight helped bring SORT out of its storyboard phase and into its operational phase in 2008. Once the program went live, Desiree was active in training administrators and creating support documents for both administrators and users. In 2010, Desiree helped support GSS, PortaTECH’s Games Security Screening Training Program used for the Vancouver Olympics, and was part of IAVM’s online Trained Crowd Manager course. In 2012 Desiree took numerous ADP trainings and became part of the support team for its applications. Two years later, she became the ADP Support Manager for ADP and Payroll.


This application includes web-based software solutions to manage all aspect of staff employment from recruitment through payroll time sheets.