Workforce Management

Workforce Management

Workforce Data

Maintain employee HR information, demographic information, contact information, availability calendars, multiple pay-rates, and even uniform sizes. Import/export payroll data and integrate seamlessly with many in-house and hosted payroll solutions. Multiple Pay Groups allow use of different payroll cycles, pay and work weeks, workdays, and other system-specific rules.


Scheduling And Redeployment

Scheduling is the core engine of WISH. It is built keeping in mind the changing needs of today. It is very simple, fast, flexible and easy to use.

Scheduling can be performed based on departments, post, positions, and events or even from a call center like employee view. WISH allows different workforce including event staff, non-event staff, volunteers or even sub-contractors to be managed and scheduled from the same place. This makes it very easy to view the needs and availabilities and ensures that you job is fully staffed appropriately.

WISH allows to create and use customizable or configurable templates for easy and quick scheduling. Availabilities and non-availabilities can be entered online via the ESS portal or WISH App. The workforce trainings, certifications, licensing requirements, skill level and other business rules can be configured as rules for scheduling.

WISH works well with both union and non-union environments.

Schedules from WISH can be e-mailed, printed out or just simply updated on the WISH App. Last minute changes on staffing levels and other job requirement changes can be made easily and communicated to the workforce via a variety of methods.

WISH has a scheduling modeler build in for large scheduling requirements for the best optimized schedules based on people’s availabilities, geographical location, trainings and other business requirements.

Re-deployment is just a click away making WISH the best choice when you need to stay in compliance with overtime rules and correct pay rate/charge rate. Re-deployments can be done in bulk or by individual.

Deploy the right person—available, with the right qualifications, in the right place, at the right time. Departments are able to specify different methods of scheduling their employees based upon their business rules, and can use re-usable staffing templates—integrated with staff availability and qualifications—for automated scheduling. WISH is able to schedule tens, hundreds, or thousands of union or non-union employees according to your unique business and legal requirements, and WISH easily handles multiple pay rates for individual employees. When paired with the optional Employee Self Service (ESS) module you will have a powerful WISH solution to manage your scheduling and deployment needs!


Time And Attendance

There is nothing like making sure that the right people get Checked In the right spot, and at the correct time.

Get rid of the timecards! Workforce can now Check In/Out quickly using visual touch screen terminals or handheld units with a magnetic stripe or barcode on their credential. WISH Time clocks can also use biometrics as well as retina scanning for workforce check-in.

Volunteers and sub-contractors can also be required to Check In/Out for accountability. The visual touch screen terminal displays all typical time and attendance options as well as the workforces' photo, briefing area information, and an optional manager’s message. All required labor rules and standards such as time rounding, minimum required meal periods, minimum guaranteed shift hours, overtime requirements, restrictions on early or late Check In and more are all accounted for.

The WISH time clock is so much more than a time clock… Check employees in/out, deliver on-screen messages to them, and receive visual verification of whether they are scheduled or not. Enforce labor rules, site requirements, and pay rules. Paper time sheets—gone! Paper time cards—gone!


This application includes web-based software solutions to manage all aspect of staff employment from recruitment through payroll time sheets.